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This new visualization is again more a ‘digital art’ creation than a data visualization. All words of the bible are added one by one as spheres. If the word is already on the screen, the size of the sphere grows. Over time spheres shrink, so that more frequent words ‘survive’. The words ‘the’ and ‘and are omitted because they are very frequent.

This experiment is created with processing and you can see it live on openprocessing.org. As physics engine JBox2D is used.



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Although the main focus of this blog is bible data visualization, I will include some ‘Bible Digital Artwork’ from time to time.

Recently I finished a digital artwork based on the famous painting ‘The Deposition’ by Rogier van der Weyden (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogier_van_der_Weyden). The artwork was inspired by the work of a belgian video artist Walter Verdin. He made a very calm and serene piece on the same painint (http://www.slidingtime.be/).

The artwork was made in the tool processing (http://processing.org/), a perfect tool for producing fast and easy digital artwork. You can see some great examples at openprocessing.org, or flight404.com.

Here’s the video of my spiece ‘Rogier van der Weyden revisited‘.

– on Youtube : Rogier Van Der Weyden Revisited

– on Vimeo : Rogier Van Der Weyden Revisited

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