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So the bible counts 12.687 distinct words.

But what are the most frequent used words ? Here the graph (made in excel).

Not very intersting. Of course the most frequent words are ‘the’, ‘and’, etc… The word ‘Lord’ is the first ‘meaningful’ word on the 14th place. ‘God’ is 28th, ‘Isreal’ is 49th and ‘Jesus’ is only 112th. Get the full in list below.

Then I tried to visualize the top ‘meaningful’ words and their occurence in he bible. I got inspired by the wunderfull ‘box office’ visualization made by the New York Times. To generate the data I used the tool processing again (it is also great for non-visual data processing) and made the graph in excel. To ease the graph lines (less irrgular peaks) i used moving averages.

All 12.687 words with frequency count: view/download.


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