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In this second visualisation I try to visualise the whole bible in one picture. To create the pictures i made use of a very handy application called ‘processing’ (http://processing.org). It is a simplified (but very powerfull) programming environment based on java and it’s “ideal for artists”. Check it out.

Every pixel in this 2000×500 picture represente 1 word. The color of the pixel is derived from the letters of the word and should be unique for every word (as we can show 16mio collors, that is no problem because we only have 12.687 distinct words).

This picture is not the original one as it is to heavy to put on the site. Actually it is a standard compressed jpeg so some quality is lost (todo: I should make a lossless copy available somehow).

If you look closely (click to enlarge) you can see variations of colors (horizontal bands) throuhout the picture.

In the next picture (clik to enlarge) you only see the pixels for the word “God”. I could try to make an online application where you can enter a word and get the picture visualizing the words occurence (If you want me to make you one in the meantime, just send me a message).


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